What is the role of PCB material in slip ring?

PCB board, also known as printed circuit board, is a very widely used material in the electronic and electrical industry. Because of its various advantages and characteristics, it is also used by the slip ring industry as a material for main parts or auxiliary parts. In the series of slip rings developed by Jingpei Electronics, there are many types of slip rings made of PCB material. The most representative one is the disc-type slip ring with a separate structure. This type of Jingpei slip ring uses PCB boards for both the rotor and the stator. , Due to the use of PCB board, this type of slip ring can achieve the ultimate thickness, the minimum is only 6mm.


Using PCB board as the slip ring material, in addition to reducing the thickness of the slip ring and saving installation space, there are many other options. For example, the printed circuit is directly used instead of the wire to connect with the copper ring and the contact shrapnel, and then special connectors are welded to facilitate installation and use. The PCB slip ring with separate structure developed by Jingpei, in addition to integrating connectors, can also integrate special-purpose components according to requirements. And some PCB slip rings used in small and micro electrical systems can even directly replace copper rings with printed circuits.

The general layout of the copper ring on the PCB slip ring is to machine an existing plate and then install the copper ring. Another way is to arrange the copper ring first in the PCB production process. Then the PCB material is poured on the copper ring as a whole. The slip ring manufactured in this way, the copper ring and the PCB board are integrated, and its integrity is stronger, which not only saves a lot of later processing procedures, but also makes the slip ring more stable in long-term operation.

In addition to disc slip rings, PCB boards are also widely used in other slip rings. In many small and medium-sized slip rings, PCB boards are used to replace thicker plastic brush holders, so as to save the internal space of the slip ring. Purpose, using this structure of slip ring, Jingpei has developed nearly a hundred kinds of slip rings. Of course, the PCB board can also be integrated on the outside of the slip ring. Jingpei Electronic Crane Cable Reel Series slip ring adopts this design. The rotor end integrates a PCB board and multiple universal terminals are integrated on the board to facilitate the wire.的plug in.