RT/duroid ® 5870 and 5880 Material composition structure

-RT/duroid ® 5870 and 5880 glass microfiber reinforced PTFE composites are designed for precision stripline and microcircuit applications.
Glass fiber reinforced microfibers are randomly oriented to maximize the benefits of fiber reinforcement in the most valuable direction for circuit manufacturers and final circuit applications.
The dielectric constants of RT / duroid5870 and 5880 laminates are uniform between different panels and constant over a wide frequency range.
Its low dissipation factor extends the use of RT / duroid5870 and 5880 laminates to Ku band and above.
RT / Duroid 5870 and 5880 laminates are easy to cut, shear and machine. They are resistant to all solvents and reagents, whether hot or cold, and are usually used for etching printed circuits or electroplating edges and holes.
RT / Duroid 5870 and 5880 composites are usually provided in the form of laminates with ½ To 2 ounces / ft.2 (8 to 70 μ m) Electrodeposited copper or reverse treated EDC, RT / durod 5870 and 5880 composites can also be coated with rolled copper foil for more critical electrical applications. Aluminum, copper or brass plates may also be specified for cladding.

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