How to choose a PCB factory?

The price of the circuit board itself varies greatly depending on the number of layers, craftsmanship, and board. How to choose the most suitable manufacturer in this big market? Today I will analyze and discuss the IPCB circuit with you.

1. First of all, if the PCB company is mainly single/sided, this kind of relatively simple and cost-effective product, when the PCB company’s purchase amount is not large, we must choose the PCB supply that suits ourselves based on our own Business, preferably small and medium-sized.

2. Secondly, many PCB companies mainly focus on small batches and prototypes, so there is no advantage in many suppliers. So try to find an Allegro PCB proofing company, which can save a lot of cost.

3. Finally, this is the most important thing. The market is huge now and there are many competitions. At this time, there are many choices. If you just pursue the affordable price, then the quality problem is easily overlooked, which is not worth it. When. Be sure to know that the price of a share is what you pay for.

As a professional circuit board factory, PCB has been focusing on the production of high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit boards, HDI boards, thick copper boards, and high-frequency circuit boards for 20 years. Solving all problems related to circuit boards for customers is our biggest purpose. The customer who satisfies the customer is the first.