Introduction and application of 0.6mm PCB

0.6mm PCB is the intermediate thickness of printed circuit boards, which is normal for double-sided PCBS, more 4 – and 6-layer PCBS now use 0.6mm thickness to secure smaller, thinner electronics.


According to your specifications and requirements, laminate thickness. Although, our team offers a standard thickness of 1.6 mm (0.063 inches). Sometimes it is necessary to consider the thickness of the circuit board core and the wiring impedance of the solder resistance coating. When calculating impedance, the consequences of conformal coating must be considered because the circuit board is usually covered in a solder resist layer. In general, the welding mask reduces the impedance of the fine trace line. As the trace thickness increases, the effect of solder resistance layer is quite small.0.6mm PCB is a common product we produce. We made 4 layers of 0.6mm PCB, 6 layers of 0.6mm PCB and 0.8mm PCB.

Board surface treatments vary in rate, availability, life, consistency, and assembly treatment. Since each finish has its own unique benefits, the product, procedure or setting will define the appropriate surface finish for the application. We recommend that our users and designers constantly coordinate with us to select the ideal surface finish for the desired product design. This will ensure you get a better price for final product delivery.

Rayming PCB thickness range:

0.2mm PCB 0.4mm PCB 0.6mm PCB 0.8mm PCB

1.0mm PCB 1.2mm PCB 1.5mm PCB 1.6 mm PCB

2.0mm PCB 2.4mm PCB 3.0mm PCB 3.2mm PCB

3.6mm PCB 4.8 mm PCB 5.6mm PCB