PCB double-layer board wiring tips Steps for double-layer board wiring

PCB is a very important electronic component. PCB has become more and more complex and difficult to design since its appearance, so wiring skills are very important. Then what are the wiring skills of PCB double-layer board? The following xiaobian will take you to have a look.


PCB double-layer board wiring procedure

Prepare circuit schematic diagram

Create a NEW PCB file and load the component package library

Planning circuit board

Install network tables and components

Automatic component layout

Layout adjustment

Network density analysis

Wiring rule setting

The automatic wiring

Adjust the wiring yourself

PCB double layer board wiring skills

1. Clearance clearance is minimum 10mil

2. It is best to use double-hole parallel mode for the holes of the main power cable

3. If there are multiple RF circuits, in order to reduce interference, the RF can be crossed on different layers.

4. Wiring with warp and weft wiring, clear wiring of upper and lower layers

5. Do not lay copper under the network chip

In order to prevent scratches, the four corners of the board had better be rounded