How to improve the design quality of PCB?

PCB wiring design affects the quality of PCB board, in the design process of PCB board, not only to consider the basic principles, but also electromagnetic radiation and disturbance rejection as the basic standards, detailed design. Designers can carry out reasonable wiring design to improve the design quality of the circuit board.


I. Solution analysis of series interference between PCB wires

Designers in wiring, need to consider that the phenomena of electromagnetic interference between conductor need to leave the parallel line distance shortened, avoid will be interspersed with different types of wire connection, easy to form a disturbing between need to place a grounded conductor printing line, the line between the series of disturbing, can have very good inhibitory effect on each other.

Ii. PCB line width design and analysis

The current value determines the width of the PCB line, which is also determined by the adhesion of the insulating substrate. The width of PCB line for 2A current is generally 1~3mm and the thickness is 0.05mm.

Iii. Design and analysis of PCB line details

Special attention should also be paid to the shape design of PCB line at the turning point. Generally take circular arc. The reason is that the rectangular shape will make the electrical function in the circuit unnecessary influence, especially in the high frequency circuit, this influence will be particularly serious. Special attention should also be paid to the selection of materials for PCB lines. Generally, more copper foil should be avoided, because heating copper foil for a long time will cause it to fall off, which has caused danger.