Quality inspection standard of PCB

The quality inspection of PCB generally includes appearance inspection, connectivity inspection and solderability inspection.

First、 Appearance inspection standard of PCB
1. Whether the surface of Printed Circuit Board is smooth and flat, and whether there are concave convex points or scratches. Whether the through hole is missed, wrongly drilled or the copper foil around it is broken.
2. For the integrity of wire pattern, cover the PCB circuit board with photographic film, and measure whether the wire width and shape meet the requirements. Whether there are trachomas or broken wires on the printed line, whether there are serrated notches on the edge of the line, and whether the wires that should not be connected are shorted.
3. Whether the outer edge dimension of PCB circuit board meets the requirements.

Second、 PCB board connectivity inspection standard
The multi-layer PCB circuit board needs to be checked for connectivity. Usually use a multimeter to check whether the circuit of PCB circuit board is connected.

Third、 Solderability inspection standard for PCB
Check the wettability of solder to PCB board graphics when welding components to PCB board.