RO4350B Prototypefremstilling High Frequency Board: Detailed Analysis of Its Parameters

RO4350B Prototypefremstilling high frequency board refers to special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. Generally speaking, RO4350B prototypefremstilling high frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz. Its physical performance, accuracy and technical parameters are very high, and it is often used in automobile anti-collision system, satellite system, radio system and other fields. The price is high, usually around 1.8 yuan per square centimeter, about 18000 yuan per square meter. High frequency of electronic equipment is the trend of development, especially with the increasing development of wireless network and satellite communication, information products are moving towards high speed and high frequency, and communication products are moving towards the standardization of voice, video and data for wireless transmission with large capacity and high speed. Therefore, the new generation of products developed need high-frequency baseboard. Communication products such as satellite systems and mobile phone receiving base stations must use RO4350B prototypefremstilling high-frequency circuit boards. In the next few years, it is bound to develop rapidly, and there will be a large demand for high-frequency baseboard.

RO4350B prototypefremstilling


Rogers RO4350B prototypefremstilling high-frequency material is a glass fiber reinforced (non PTFE) hydrocarbon/ceramic laminate, specially designed for commercial applications with large volume and high performance. Ro4350 aims to provide excellent RF performance and cost-effective circuit production. The result is a low loss material that can be produced at a competitive price using the standard epoxy resin/glass (FR4) process. As the working frequency increases to 500 MHz or higher, the number of laminates that designers can usually choose is greatly reduced. RO4350B PCB has the characteristics required by RF microwave developers, and can realize the repeatable design impedance controlled transmission line of filter, coupling network and network. Low dielectric loss allows the use of RO4350B prototypefremstilling series materials in many applications, and the high operating frequency limits the use of laminated materials in traditional printed circuit boards. The temperature coefficient of dielectric constant is one of the lowest in all printed circuits. The dielectric constant is stable in a wide frequency range, which makes it an ideal substrate for broadband applications.


RO4350B prototypefremstilling high-frequency board circuit features:

1) Impedance control requirements are relatively strict, and relative line width control is very strict, with a general tolerance of about 2%.
2) Due to the special plate, the adhesion of PTH during copper deposition is not high. It is usually necessary to roughen the via and surface with the help of plasma treatment equipment to increase the adhesion of PTH hole copper and solder resist ink.
3) Do not grind the plate before resistance welding, otherwise the adhesion will be very poor, and only use micro-erosion agent to roughen it.
4) Most of the plates are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials. There will be many rough edges when forming with ordinary milling cutters, so special milling cutters are required.
5) RO4350B prototypefremstilling high frequency circuit board is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. Generally speaking, high frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz. Its physical performance, accuracy and technical parameters are very high, and it is often used in automobile anti-collision system, satellite system, radio system and other fields.


RO4350B prototypefremstilling high-frequency circuit material has been developed, which can provide high-frequency performance comparable to woven PTFE glass substrate, thus simplifying the manufacturing process of epoxy resin/glass laminate. RO4350B prototypefremstilling is a thermosetting material, filled with hydrocarbon/glass fiber reinforced ceramic, with a very high glass transition temperature (TG>280 ° C). Unlike PTFE based microwave materials, it does not need special treatment or passing. Therefore, the processing and assembly cost of RO4350 material circuit is equivalent to that of epoxy/glass laminate.


Epoxy resin, PPO resin and fluoro resin are the three kinds of high frequency circuit board substrate materials used at this stage, of which epoxy resin is the cheapest, while fluoro resin is the most expensive; Considering the dielectric constant, dielectric loss, water absorption and frequency characteristics, fluorine resin is the best, while epoxy resin is the worst. When the frequency of product application is higher than 10GHz, only fluororesin printed boards can be applied. Obviously, the performance of fluorine-based resin high-frequency substrate is much higher than that of other substrates, but its disadvantages include high cost, poor rigidity and large coefficient of thermal expansion. For polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a large number of inorganic substances (such as silica SiO2) or glass cloth are used as reinforcing filler materials to improve the performance, so as to improve the rigidity of the substrate and reduce its thermal expansion. RO4350B prototypefremstilling high-frequency board.


In addition, due to the molecular inertia of the polytetrafluoroethylene resin itself, it is not easy to combine with the copper foil, so the special surface treatment of the interface between the polytetrafluoroethylene resin and the copper foil is more necessary. The treatment method includes chemical etching or plasma etching on the surface of polytetrafluoroethylene to increase the surface roughness or add a layer of adhesive film between copper foil and polytetrafluoroethylene resin to improve the adhesion, but it may have an impact on the medium performance. The development of the entire fluorine-based high-frequency board substrate requires cooperation from raw material suppliers, research institutions, equipment suppliers, PCB manufacturers and communication product manufacturers, In order to keep up with the rapid development of RO4350B prototypefremstilling high-frequency circuit board.