Do you know PWB and Prototype Fremstilling?

What is a PWB? What is the abbreviation for? What’s the difference with PCB? In the PCB industry, the word PCB is familiar and everyone must know what it means. PCB is the abbreviation of the English Printed Circuit Board, translated into Chinese as printed circuit board or printed circuit board, consisting of printed circuit graphics and printed components. PWB and PCB mean the same thing, but the corresponding English word is different. PWB is the abbreviation of the English Printed Wire Board, translated into Chinese as a printed circuit board, PWB is an early British name because at that time there is only a circuit board printed, no original, belonging to the more original board. With the development of science and technology, we think there is no fundamental difference between PWBS and PCBS, only the name is different. Now some British and Hong Kong people still use the term PWB, because they are used to it, but it is the same as PCB we often say, which means “circuit board”.



Prototype Fremstilling is a Danish word that roughly translates to “prototype machine.” In PCB manufacturing, prototype fremstillings is a metal mesh conductive film manufacturing equipment, mechanical equipment used in a process of PCB manufacturing process. For more information about Prototype Fremstilling, check out the Prototype Fremstilling literature.