4G module PCB assembly

Product : 4G module PCB assembly
PCB Material : FR4
PCB Layer : 4layers
PCB Copper Thickness : 1OZ
PCB Finished Thickness : 0.8mm
PCB Surface : Immersion Gold
Application : Computer notebook 4G module PCBA

4G module PCB assembly

What is 4G?
4G is the fourth generation mobile communication technology, which includes TD-LTE and fdd-lte. 4G supports 100Mbps downlink network bandwidth, which can fully meet the transmission requirements of big data, high quality, audio, video, image, etc.

What is the module?
The module is also called embedded module, which integrates semiconductor integrated circuits with specific functions. The module belongs to semi-finished products. The final finished products can be formed through the processes of function redevelopment and shell packaging on the basis of the module.

What is the 4G module?
4G module refers to the basic circuit set in which the hardware is loaded into the specified frequency band and the software supports the standard LTE protocol. The hardware integrates RF and baseband on a PCB to complete wireless reception, transmission and baseband signal processing. The software supports voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, dialing networking, data transmission and other functions.

4G modules are classified according to the working frequency band:
4G private network module: refers to the 4G module working in a specific frequency band (1.4GHz or 1.8GHz), which is mainly used in specific applications such as power, government affairs, public security, social management, emergency communication and so on.
4G public network module: in short, it is a 4G module working in non private network frequency band, which mainly includes two types: all Netcom 4G module and 4G module in other frequency bands. All Netcom 4G module generally refers to the three Netcom modules that do not consider overseas and private network frequency bands, that is, the modules that support all 2G / 3G / 4G frequency bands of the three major domestic operators. Other frequency band 4G modules only support several characteristics