Application advantages, test and development prospect of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

FPC  (Flexible Circuit Board)  is mainly used in the connection of electronic products. As the medium of signal transmission, it has high reliability and excellent flexibility. FPChas the advantages of high wiring and assembly density, eliminating the connection of redundant cables; High flexibility and reliability; Small volume, light weight and thin thickness; It can set the circuit, increase the wiring layer and elasticity; The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and consistent installation.FPC can be classified in different ways. According to flexibility, it can be divided into flexible circuit board and rigid flexible combination circuit board; According to the number of layers, it can be divided into single-layer flexible circuit board, double-layer flexible circuit board and multi-layer flexible circuit board.

The demand for FPC  in the electronic industry is increasing. First, the excellent characteristics of FPC flexible circuit board are suitable for the ultra-thin requirements of electronic products; Second, in the high-frequency and high-speed transmission of the circuit, the reliability of FPC flexible circuit board is required to be high. Therefore, the market scale of FPC  in the electronic industry is expanding.

The performance of FPC  needs to be tested, including appearance test, electrical performance test and environmental performance test. The basic test standards include the appearance of substrate film and coating, coating process, deviation of connecting plate and coating, voltage resistance, bending resistance, welding resistance, temperature and humidity resistance, salt spray performance, etc. It is divided into intermediate test and final test. It is qualified only after all routine performance of the two tests are up to standard.

FPC  testing can be realized with the help of shrapnel microneedle module, which is conducive to improving the testing efficiency and reducing the production cost. In high current transmission, the shrapnel microneedle module can carry a current of up to 50a, and the minimum response value in small pitch field can reach 0.15mm. The connection is stable and reliable. It also has an average service life of more than 20W times, and the adaptability is very high.

With the emergence of emerging electronic products, the market and application of FPC are also expanded. The upgrading of different types of electronic products will bring more considerable development prospects than the traditional market. FPC FPC flexible circuit board test selects the suitable shrapnel microneedle module, which will greatly improve the product output and usher in the amplification mode.