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iPcb Circuit Co., Ltd. (iPcb®) is a High-Tech Manufacturing Enterprises focusing on the development and production of high precision PCBs. Committed to domestic and oversea technology Enterprises to continue to provide the most cutting-edge, the most sophisticated PCB manufacturing services. The factory has an area of 23,000 square meters and 280 employees, among which the ratio of professional and technical personnel is more than 35%, and the personnel with bachelor degree or above accounts for 20%. The company has established sales network in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and else country, with Technology, Quality and Service as the guide, to provide high quality PCB processing and manufacturing services for domestic and foreign customers.

iPcb Circuit Co., Ltd. (iPcb®) mainly focuses on Microwave High Frequency PCB, High Frequency Mixed Voltage, Ultra-high Multilayer IC Test, from 1+~ to 6+ HDI, Anylayer HDI, IC Substrate, IC test Board, Rigid-Flexible PCB, and ordinary Multilayer FR4 PCBs and etc. Products are widely used in Industry 4.0, Communication, Industrial Control, Digital, Oower supply, Computer, Automobile, Medical, Aerospace, Instruments, Meters, Internet of Things and other fields. Customers are distributed in China and Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, Southeast Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

iPcb Circuit Co., Ltd. (iPcb®) has passed ISO9001, UL, RoHS and other Quality Management System Certifications. Factory production line imported precision of circuit board production and testing equipment, senior PCB production Technoloty Team, has more than 10 years of production experience and high Quality Management Team, to form a perfect guarantee system and strict quality management. In strict accordance with the IPC standard production.Acceptance standards to ensure that the products are in line with customer quality requirements and IPC standards. The company advocates the quality concept of “Do it best & Prevent it First”, improves PCB production efficiency, save the cost and working time so that provide the best business timing to all customer.

iPcb Circuit Co., Ltd. (iPcb®) in PCB manufacturing constantly strive to improve production process of PCB, to solve technical and production problems, iPcb has always been kept in the production of high quality PCB products tenet,iPcb using sophisticated equipment line to produce the best PCBs and wonderful factory in China, High Frequency & High-Speed, IC board, IC Test board, HDI Multilayer circuit board and High precision of core production technology PCB manufacture Enterprise.

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