PCB board drawing experience summary

PCB board drawing experience summary:

(1) : When drawing schematic diagram, the annotation of pin must use network NET rather than text, otherwise there will be problems when guiding PCB design.

(2) : When drawing the schematic diagram, we must make all the components have packaging, otherwise we will not find the components when guiding the PCB.


Some components can not be found in the library is to draw their own, in fact, it is good to draw their own, finally have a library, that is convenient. To RENAME a COMPONENT, start FILE/NEW — select SCH LIB — to enter the Parts editing library.

The outline of the component package is the same as this, but select PCB LIB, and the border of the component is in the TOPOverlay layer, which is yellow.

(3) To rename the elements in order, select TOOLS —and ANNOTATE the ANNOTATE annotation and select the order

(4) : before converting to PCB, to generate reports, mainly network table select DESIGN DESIGN — “Creat Netlist to create network table

(5) : There is also to check the electrical rules: choose TOOLS — > >; ERC

(6) : Then PCB can be generated. If there is any error in the process of generation, the schematic diagram must be modified correctly and recycled into PCB

(7) : PCB must first step well, should make the line as short as possible, as few holes as possible.

(8) : Design rules before drawing lines: TOOLS — Design Rules, RouTIng Constrain GAP 10 or 12, RouTIng VIA STYLE set hole, maximum external diameter, minimum external diameter, maximum internal diameter, The size of the minimum inner diameter. Width Constraint sets the line Width, Max and min

(9) : The width of the drawing line is generally 12MIL, a circle of power supply and ground wire is 120 or 100, the power supply and ground of the film is 50 or 40 or 30, the crystal wire should be thick, it should be placed next to the single chip microcomputer, the public line should be thick, the long-distance line should be thick, the line can not turn the right Angle should be 45 degrees, the power supply and ground and other signs must be marked in TOPLAY. Convenient debugging cable.

If you find the diagram is not correct, you must first change the schematic diagram, and then use the schematic diagram to replace the PCB.

(10) : The bottom option of the VIEW option can be set to inch or millimeter.

(11) : In order to improve the anti-interference of the board, it is best to finally apply copper, select the copper icon, a dialog box appears, Net OpTIon in the figure to select the connected network, and the two options under it should be selected, HATCHING STYLE, select the form of copper coating, this random. GRID SIZE is the space between the copper GRID points, and TRACK WIDTH should be consistent with the line WIDTH of our PCB. LOCKPrimiTIves can be selected, and the other two items can be done according to the diagram.