What is the use of AOI equipment in SMT processing?

Nowadays, there are more and more electronic products, which are more and more refined. As long as the products that use electricity need circuit boards, ipcb is a PCBA processing manufacturer with 15 years of experience. Next, let’s introduce the use of AOI equipment in SMT processing.

Application of AOI equipment in SMT processing
Automated optical inspection is a method of capturing PCB images by optics to see whether the components are lost and in the correct position, so as to identify defects and ensure the quality of the manufacturing process. It can check all sizes of components, such as 010050201, and 0402s, and packages, such as BGAs, CSPs, LGAs, pops, and QFNs.

The introduction of AOI enables the real-time inspection function. With the emergence of high-speed and high-volume production lines, an incorrect machine setting, placing wrong parts on PCB or alignment problems can lead to a large number of manufacturing defects and subsequent rework in a short time. The original AOI machine was able to carry out two-dimensional measurements, such as checking the characteristics of plates and components to determine X and Y coordinates and measurements. The 3D system is extended on 2D to add the height dimension to the equation to provide x, y and Z coordinates and measurements.
Note: some AOI systems do not actually “measure” the height of components.

AOI detects errors early in the manufacturing process and ensures process quality before the board is moved to the next manufacturing step. AOI helps increase production by feeding back to the production line and providing historical data and production statistics. Ensuring that quality is controlled throughout the process saves time and money because of material waste, repair and rework, increased manufacturing labor, time and cost, not to mention the cost of all equipment failures.
AOI machines have three key requirements:
1. Detect any errors in the production line and immediately feed back the information to the upstream to avoid repeated errors.
2. Adapt to the high-speed function consistent with the beat time, so as to take corrective measures in time.
3. It is fast, easy to program and operate, can complete the detection in real time, and the detection results are reliable.
The above is the purpose of AOI equipment in SMT processing