Crystallized ABF carrier plate additional layer film connected to single fire heat

Since Q4 in 2020, thanks to the growth of 5g, cloud AI computing, servers and other markets, the demand for high-performance computing chips has soared. Coupled with the growth of market demand for home office WFM and electric vehicles, the demand for CPU, GPU and AI chips has increased greatly, which has also boosted the demand for ABF carrier boards. Coupled with the impact of the fire accident in ibiden Qingliu factory, a large IC carrier factory, and Xinxing Electronic Shanying factory, ABF carriers in the world are in serious short supply.

In February this year, there was news in the market that ABF carrier plates were in serious shortage, and the delivery cycle had been as long as 30 weeks. With the short supply of ABF carrier plate, the price also continued to rise. The data show that since the fourth quarter of last year, the price of IC carrier board has continued to rise, including BT carrier board up about 20%, while ABF carrier board up 30% – 50%.
As the ABF carrier capacity is mainly in the hands of a few manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, their expansion of production was also relatively limited in the past, which also makes it difficult to alleviate the shortage of ABF carrier supply in the short term. The most important material of ABF carrier plate is build-up film. At present, 99% of ABF layer-up materials on the market are supplied by Ajinomoto, a Japanese manufacturer. Due to limited production capacity, the supply is in short supply.

In order to overcome the dilemma that ABF laminate materials are monopolized by Japanese manufacturers and lack of production capacity, crystallographic technology has fully invested in the independent R & D and self-made of semiconductor high-order packaging film materials and ABF carrier laminate materials in recent years. At present, it is the only leader in the field of ABF carrier film materials in Taiwan and the second manufacturer in the world who has successfully developed ABF carrier laminate materials, It is hoped that the localization of Taiwan’s semiconductor material supply chain can be promoted, and ABF carrier plates can be made with the additional layer film made in Taiwan.
Jinghua technology is the first manufacturer in China to independently develop and produce Taiwan build up film (TBF) for ABF carrier plate. At present, it has jointly developed low DK & DF layer adding materials with many manufacturers at home and abroad, which will be applied to the next generation of AI chips.